Life Of Lonifriend

"Time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so"
-Ford Prefect


It’s been awhile…

since I just wrote something real here. I’m chilling at work as usual planning shit I’m my head for the short we’re filming this weekend coming. You may have seen the blood tests already. I’m fretting like I always do because I’m neurotic, a little OCD and I want everything to run smoothly. I know there will be hiccups and I know I will freak out. There’s another thing I know…I know my roommate will slap me or send me away from the set if I get wound up too tight. It’s happened before. It will be an interesting weekend. Hopefully we’ll come away with some decent footage and I can edit away in the dark to my hearts content.

Whatever happens I know it’ll be alright and it’s gonna be fun because I’ll be with my friends.

But the thing I’ll hate about this weekend is when it’s over and I have to go back to my two dead end jobs and feel like a idiot with a useless degree.

But this Friday and Saturday I’m a fucking filmmaker.